Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jenna Liv Bell

Spring 2011
Family Pictures

Oaks Park

We went to this amusement park in Portland. There was no fee to get into the park and the rides were fairly cheep, the icecream was delicious.... (mom enjoyed the icecream while everyone else enjoyed the rides) We spent several hours there and it was very fun!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It was a beautiful day in Eagle Point today. The sun was out all day.... hello Vit D! We decided to have a little picnic in the front yard with Scotts delicious BBQ dinner! Here are some pics, you even get to see a little Jenna in there even though its disguised as a lady who looks like a bloated cow!

Monday, April 25, 2011

This morning I got up and was looking through pictures on my computer (really just stalling on doing the laundry) and I pulled this picture up. I dont know if it was the thought of sending this to my mother in-law and her crying or just crazy pregnancy hormones, or maybe it could be the sweetness and pureness of these little angels that I love, but I cried! I love them with all my heart!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My boys! They are getting so big, though not making me feel quite as old... these little guys keep me busy though! Not as excited for a little sister as Julia was... a specific comment made by Noah was ... "momma I want a boy" I told him it was a girl and then he asked "can you make it a brother please". Aside from that little conversation Noah is excited that Jenna is joining our family and can't wait to play with her in the play room :) Miles just runs up to my belly lifts my shirt and says "bebe" and then slobbers all over my belly (kissing her) I am so happy to be a mom of these beautiful babies and can't wait to add another to the Bell Bunch!

Julia turned 7 on Thursday... gosh she is making me feel so old! She is so beautiful and amazingly smart. She has learned how to read and loves school! Though she does find it difficult to concentrate on writing (she doesn't seem to like expressing herself on paper as much as I do) Her favorite subject(besides lunch and recess) is Math, which I think is sooo great. Very opposite myself but it makes me happy to see her becoming herself and defining her own attributes. I love this little girl with all my heart and hope we can always be as close as we are now! Julia is so happy to have a little sister coming into our little family and can't wait to meet her. Julia and Jenna (now isn't that so sweet) I hope they will be best friends
Wow it has been forever and a day since I have updated, made note to me by none other than little miss Anna Bell! Anyway life does go too quickly we need to write history whenever we get the chance! Well as you probably have figured out, or probably know because most who read this are family, we have added a new little Bell to the fam damily, which has not quite made it to earth yet. We did however find out that it will be a little girl.
For the longest time I have wanted to name my next daughter after my Grandma... Lillian, we would just name her Lilly, I was named after my Great Grandma and consider it an honor.... her Middle name was going to be Anna after my sweet little sister in.... at length: Lilly Anna Bell. As soon as I found out, I like any good momma started calling everyone on my contact list and spreading the good news.... about 3 people in I was noticing a weird feeling everytime I said the name that I had thought we were going to name her.... I guess it wasn't her name. Scott and I had decided a while ago on another name if this one just didn't fit and it seems to set well with everything and doesn't give me any weird feelings when I say it.... if she's already telling me somehow what her name should be I know im in for it :) Jenna Liv Bell (Liv is pronounced (leave). So thats the latest and greatest from the Bell family in EP. We miss all our family that is not with us, so much that we are actually contemplating packing up ship and moving to Portland.... We have 3 residents in our Foster Home with a 4th moving in the beginning of next month, which is causing me to think twice about relocating just because we have a great contact list in this area and it would kind of suck to start all over.... we will do what the Lord will have us do whatever that may be I just hope it brings us closer to family or them closer to us :) All the babies are doing wonderful Julia just turned 7 (Blog to follow) Noah turns 3 next month, and Miles is 18 months (the size of barely a year though) Loving my life and all those who bless it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I just listened to a talk by one of the latter day prophets on our beautiful earth today. It was very moving. I believe that a large majority of the problems, tradgedies, dillemas etc posing there ugly faces in our lives these days, stem from the lack of time that is spent with the family. This has been a problem before the IPhone, DS, even before the blessed Nintendo from my time. this problem in my oppinion began when people started taking the focus off their family and put it on themselves. Our nation has become a selfish, narcisitic, tantrum throwing 2 year old, and we wonder why all these children and young adults are doing the same. When my husband and I got married our bishop asked us a very important question. He said, "in your relationship what percent do you give eachother." We both looked at eachother and answered the obvious, "well its a 50/50 partnership" Were we right? "No" he said, "you both give 100 percent and then both of your needs will be met by eachother." This is how we need to raise our families. We need to give eachother 100 percent. And your thinking "duh, Sarah" but really is it. If it was so obvious wouldn't we be doing it, to save ourselves. Our families are the foundation for our country and our lives. What happens when a house is built on a weak foundation? Our family is the foundation of a house, the binding of a book, and if it falls apart so does everything else. Let this be a call to us all. Lets rebuild America by rebuilding the relationships in our own families. This is how we can truly make a difference.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is forever, why can't families be... I answer you they are! We can have an eternal family through the complete, simple, and restored Gosepal of Jesus Christ... but in order to totally relish in this great blessing we must first learn how to treat our families, maybe so they WANT to be with us for time and all eternity. Our lives on this earth, well frankly, they suck. But that doesn't mean we have to. We can enjoy the true blessings of this eart life by enjoying the things put on this earth to help us through the hard times.... this being our family.

I think it is funny how unhumerous I am... I have this great desire to be all these things, an artist, a dancer, a comedian, a singer... yet I sit here completely talentless..... or do I? I read a lot of my friends blogs and love how funny they are... how they can explain the simplest things and it will still be hilarious. I can not be that funny most of the time, but I am precise (my husbands words) so I am not talentless, just funnyless... maybe I try too hard.

But I do love to express myself, and most of the time I feel I do an okay job of it... thats nice for saying I like to talk a lot. I do have oppinions on things like politics, religion, relationships, motherhood and so on... so I will do my best to keep you interested... post a comment and let me know how Im doing.... and with that I close. Good night my friends!