Friday, January 21, 2011

I just listened to a talk by one of the latter day prophets on our beautiful earth today. It was very moving. I believe that a large majority of the problems, tradgedies, dillemas etc posing there ugly faces in our lives these days, stem from the lack of time that is spent with the family. This has been a problem before the IPhone, DS, even before the blessed Nintendo from my time. this problem in my oppinion began when people started taking the focus off their family and put it on themselves. Our nation has become a selfish, narcisitic, tantrum throwing 2 year old, and we wonder why all these children and young adults are doing the same. When my husband and I got married our bishop asked us a very important question. He said, "in your relationship what percent do you give eachother." We both looked at eachother and answered the obvious, "well its a 50/50 partnership" Were we right? "No" he said, "you both give 100 percent and then both of your needs will be met by eachother." This is how we need to raise our families. We need to give eachother 100 percent. And your thinking "duh, Sarah" but really is it. If it was so obvious wouldn't we be doing it, to save ourselves. Our families are the foundation for our country and our lives. What happens when a house is built on a weak foundation? Our family is the foundation of a house, the binding of a book, and if it falls apart so does everything else. Let this be a call to us all. Lets rebuild America by rebuilding the relationships in our own families. This is how we can truly make a difference.

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